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A Crash Course in Miracles

Welcome to  A Crash Course in Miracles!

Apr 7, 2009

Introducing the ego-tronix 200!

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eight and a half years ago

I listened to your first podcast on the plane on my way to a 5* Spa resort, and did not want to get off the plane because I wanted/needed to hear more. That was July 24 2010 and I did reluctantly put away the podcasts until I returned a week later. I am now on podcast #22 and already dreading coming to the end, but of course I will just start over at #1.

Here are my comments: One, I would like you to find better answers to the questions/comments from your 'audiences.' Sometimes just saying "The Course says......." is a little too advanced for us. We need some real life suggestions of what to do when our ego/donuts are in battle with another's ego/donut. Example: What if you are traveling in a Van for a week with "A-Man" on vacation and out of the country and your calling on the Holy Spirit does not seem help A-Man's constant attempts to control you and the trip for everyone else? And all your struggling to get beyond the donut seems to do nothing. I can still hear my prayer 'please God, help me to see you in her.' Getting out of the van and going home is not an option, plus it would just slow down the learning experience. We all have zillions of these "me,me,me" experiences and we need more 'pedestrian' explanations to help us let go. One person in your audience, I think his name is David, seems to do that well. He always 'reaches' me. Don't get me do too or I wouldn't be on podcast 22 in less than 22 days of listening. (Plus my donut doesn't want to hurt the feelings of your donut.) I also disagree with something: I find that when I observe my ego with detached amusement (as I have been doing more and more often ever since reading Ekhart Tolle a few years ago) life is very pleasurable; dare I say even joyful. Because I think everything in this dream is good. Hurricanes clean up the landscape and sunshine is obviously wonderful. But I don't hear you saying it is possible to 'enjoy' this journey (or be joyful) if we are 'participating' in it. You seem to say one can't truly enjoy the experience of past/present. I think we are meant to enjoy this time here and many memories give me extreme joy. I often drive down the road in ecstasy at the beauty of the clouds and all the wonders in my life some of which are by the world's standards devastating. I am not afraid of dying, but life can be fun, happy and frequently joyful warts and all. I don't think it is ego when I am experiencing this, but it is still 'life.' Am I making any sense? On the other hand: Your podcasts are helping me let go of a family resentment that I've been cherishing with rightful indignation for many years. Until podcast#20-22, I wasn't sure I could forgive such a 'treasure.' I am opening up to understanding that the hurtful family person and I are one. I am not quite there and still, when little gifts like this happened to me, I find such joy in ALL its experiences. Yet I often hear you call this just second rate happiness. It feels like joy to me. Thanks for listening to part of 'the storey of me.' Please keep your discussions going and keep sharing. Blessings to you.

PS. Love Yoga...are you ever coming to Fairfield CT? Our yoga group ( love to host you at some event, I feel sure.

Julianne Stirling

eight and a half years ago

this is really great; i listened to the very first 2 crash course in miracles podcasts.. i'm both amazed & confused but i would like to explore this more and hopefully things clear up a bit more..
i have endless questions. is there some sort of question answer forum or faq??
anyway this video was great and opened my eyes yet again. and the video is exponentially better than just listening.. it was very well put together, very comprehendible.