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A Crash Course in Miracles

Welcome to  A Crash Course in Miracles!

Feb 24, 2007

From the preview quotes you will hear first you may conclude that  you are insane.  Metaphysics is a big word- beyond physical. But it is all summed up by the title of this pod:  Nothing real can be threatened.   All spirituality is about understanding what is real and what is not.  The Course maintains that everything that is not God does not exist.  Luckily we are part of Gods mind BUT our bodies and this world are NOT.    In fact, God did not make this world, but we DREAMED IT.  It is called the dream of separation.  It is a familiar creation story in that we like Lucifer, thought we could be God.  But unlike many creation stories, the world, our body and everything that is not God is an illusion, just a dream. To the extent we believe in it, we suffer insanity.  To the extent we realize it is not real and this body is not really me, we gain a sense of peace  that is outside the limits of the dream of time and space.   To this degree we wake up from the dream. And this is the essence al all spiritual teaching.