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A Crash Course in Miracles

Welcome to  A Crash Course in Miracles!

Jul 19, 2007

This is Episode 8, How to Perform Miracles.   Today I am joined by Liz, Steve  Lisa and Linda .


Is the course in miracles a course in Physical healing?   The answer is yes, but that’s not the point .  In fact, if you make it the point, it won’t work. 



Today we’re working from the article, The 25 Principles of Healing by Robert Perry.


This will be much easier to understand if you have heard one of the red donut sessions episode 1 and 5 both cover it. 


Here we could not wait and jumped right in on the topic.  At about 19 minutes in, we start on number 1 of the  25 points.  We make it through the first 8 and next week we will present the discussion on the last principles.


Some donut news- we are now writing in blue, the word, Holy Spirit, across the border of the donut and god.  Also when we discuss relationships and draw 2 donuts, in the center of both we write “I am experiencing.‿