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A Crash Course in Miracles

Welcome to  A Crash Course in Miracles!

Jan 6, 2009

This is our first video episode.  We have more in the works. 

Did God make this world?  The Course in Miracles says- no.  The world is an illusion - and we are an expansion of God- there is only this. In this episode we will give you a hint of the nature of non-dualism.  We will take a peek into illusory role time plays, and the fragile illusory nature of most of our thoughts. 

 Don’t worry if you don’t fully grasp NON-DUALISM.  At this point we simply raise to question the illusory nature of most of our thinking, and how it is based on past and future, which are NOT HERE. And if you are uneasy with the thought that God did not make this world, remember that these are just learning tools; in the end, the course is designed to prepare you for the experience of these things.  Experience is our ultimate teacher.
 In the next episode, we will construct for you what we call the “Red Donut.”  The Red Donut GRAPHICALLY shows what this Cloud that blocks the Sun is really made of.