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A Crash Course in Miracles

Welcome to  A Crash Course in Miracles!

Apr 25, 2007

Welcome to Episode 6 of  A Crash Course in Miracles, A Cloud does not put out the sun. 


You will have an easier time understanding this if you have not heard one of the earlier episodes describing the Barrier of fear or as we have come to describe it: the red donut.  Episode 5 goes with this episode or Episode 1 would...

Apr 8, 2007

And so we start another red donut â??Welcome to episode 5 from All That Matters, the largest yoga and holistic health services center in Southern New England.  We recorded 3 sessions here.  If you have listened to the 1st 4 episodes you probably have an idea already what the barrier of fear is, we also call it the red...